Hello & Bienvenidos

I am a recent graduate from the Human Ecology – Apparel and Textiles doctorate program at Kansas State University. My dissertation “Made in San Pedro: The Production of Dress and Meaning in a Tz’utujil – Maya Municipality will be available on ProQuest in English and Spanish in mid-August 2020. (Please email for a direct copy.)

My scholarship focuses on the relationship between people and fashion products – from construction to use – in efforts to best understand sustainable and unsustainable practices. My background is in fashion design. I am still an active maker, but somewhere along the way (probably right after I taught my first class as an undergraduate), I learned that I don’t really care about having my ideas in the spotlight. I care about how clothing – whether wearing or making it – creates emotion, connections, and actions.

At heart I am a teacher and I love helping others learn to fall in love with fashion in a really good sustainable way.

Other takeaways:

(1) I am a learner. I love to learn, and love to help others learn.

(2) In my mind, the future cannot have apparel and textiles without the pursuit of sustainability.

(3) My research, luckily, is based in the Solola, Guatemala.

(4) I have a beautiful husband and a shaggy poodle-heeler named Wiley.

(5) I’m always open to a good chat. Feel free to email me about anything sociocultural, sustainable, Guatemalan, and fashion related.

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