Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Working Group

Role: Co-Chair, Graduate Student Council President

Partners: Jordan Kiehl (Student Governing Association President), Provost Charles Taber, Dr. Pat Bosco (Vice President of Student Life), Lynn Carlin (Special Assistant to the Provost), Craig Bourne (Executive Assistant to the Provost), Huron Consulting Group

Date: Launch November 16th, 2018. Role ends with the completion of the GSC Presidential term in May 2019

A SEM working group comprised of twenty students has been organized at the request of the Provost Office. Students on this working group will be serving on various task forces that will work to develop and brighten the future of K-State for all students. These task forces include Out-of-State Recruitment, Marketing and Communications, Transfer Students, Student Success, Graduate, Global, and International Students, Enrollment Data, Technology, and Systems.

Members of the working group will meet with their assigned taskforce but also come together on a periodic basis to debrief, share in ideas and thoughts, and speak on student concerns.

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