Fashion in Sustainability, Regents X ITAA

New Design Software

At the end of July 2019 I went back to my favorite city for the Fashion in Sustainability conference at Regents University London. At this event I presented two posters and held a discussion on sustainable design. I was also able to listen and meet up with fellow LCF MAFE alumnae and lecturers. Other highlights included seeing the new Design Museum (above) and the Colliding Cultures exhibition at the Imperial War Museum. The IWM is always my favorite visit and never fails to leave me with lots of fashion/sustainability inspiration. It is never not worth the visit to Zone 3.

Much love to my original co-panelist Karl Aspelund and Natsai Audrey Chieza who were unable to attend due to family matters.  I am very thankful to the group who attended my session, ‘What can we learn from Mars?’ who made it amazing experience.

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