Science on Tap: [Image]ing Impact


Science on Tap is a regular event held at the Tallgrass Taphouse in Manhattan, KS. It is a great opportunity for graduate students and faculty to share their work and a fun time for the community who get to grab a local beer and learn something new.

Science Communication Week is an annual event at K-State and other partner universities. For SciCom Week I was invited to present a little about my research area. For this evening, titled [Imagine]ing Impact, I walked participants through the ‘3 Ps’: People, Planet, Profit, and my personal 4th ‘P’. Participants shared stories about their clothing, what they knew about who made it, where it was made, and its environmental impact for 3 hours! It was a great experience and I’m thankful to Sunset Zoo for the opportunity to share my passion. I’m also thankful to my student, Gigi, who acted as my personal ‘Vana White’ and helped showcase my photos.

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My photos on display to help create dialogue.


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