Hemp at CGRS

Winners from K-State Research and the State Graduate Research Forums go on to present at the Capitol Graduate Research Summit (CGRS) alongside other Regents Universities at the Kansas State Capital.

This was a great experience.  I was able to talk to legislators from across the state about creating sustainable supply chains, environmentally friendly dye processes, and the impact of fiber crops. Although my project focused on natural dyes in India, it also utilized hemp. As this was a Kansas – centered event, I highlighted this aspect on my project, to easily talk to about the differences in water, pesticide, and land usage between corn, cotton, and hemp.

After the forum, I was asked by my local Representative, Sydney Carlin, to create documents to help the members of the House understand hemp as a fiber crop. These documents were also shared in the Kansas Senate.

Want to learn more about industrial hemp? See for yourself: Industrial Hemp


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