Local Wear, Textile Society of America


Recently receiving a notification from the Textile Society of America (TSA) made me realize that I never shared my presentation from the 2018 TSA Conference in Vancouver, BC.

First, I want to say I loved TSA! There was plenty of great chats on identity, appearance, and textiles. Plus, I got to see my lovely friend Dr. Margaret Ordonez and a fabulous presentation by my former Dean, Dr. Gerry Craig. I met some great textile/identity junkies like myself, including Jen from https://aana-jaana.com/ who works with Himalayan wool handicrafts. Overall, it was a great experience, and I hope to share my work in Guatemala at the conference in Boston.

A warp speed presentation for TSA consists of 20 slides, shown for 20 seconds each. My talk was a summary of my master’s work. It focused on the complexities of wear, and the relationship between wear, the body, and society.

To see the presentation: Local Wear, TSA

This work was shared with Eleanor Hannan, at Wilson School of Design in Vancouver, who requested its use in her Art of Mending course in May 2019.

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